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George W. Bush Jokes > Pictures

Bush on Jerry Springer - My daughter is dating a terrorist (Bin Laden)
Photo Source: Email Forward

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The Turbanator - George Bush as the Terminator
Samabusters - Ghostbusters movie spoof
Bush & Blair explain what proof they have of WAMDs
Bush's "Defend the Homeland" vs. Hitler's "Defend the Fatherland"
Bush on Jerry Springer - My daughter is dating a terrorist (Bin Laden)
Bush & Cheney as the "Baghdad Brothers" (Blues Brothers spoof)
Separated at birth? The toy story
President Bush AWOL?
There's a whole new look for the Whitehouse's South Lawn
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Put some pants on Mr. President!
Microsoft popup to help run the country
Star Wars - The Spaced Cowboy Chronicles
Whitehouse Reloaded - The new Matrix Reloaded poster
President Bush's customized jet with Texas cowhorns
They shaved - So, no more bush
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